There are as many uses for a wire rope sling as there are types. These slings can be made into a number of products to meet the needs of any industry including Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, and Mining. Zafer International LLC. offers a wide variety of wire rope slings, as well as advice for the proper application for each.  


When a high rated capacity sling is required, single part slings are a popular option. In some cases, a two- or multi-leg bridal sling may be needed in order to connect to the load in more than one location to create an even distribution for the lift. Zafer International LLC, Inc. has a variety of single, two, three or four-part bridal slings to accommodate any need.

Single Leg 115 IWRC
2 Leg Bridle Slings 125-HT-HT IWRC
3 Leg Bridle Slings – 135-HT-HT
4 Leg Bridle Slings – 145-HT-HT


Superflex braided slings of varying sizes as three part, six-part, eight-part, and nine-part sling are used to lift especially heavy loads. This sling is typically chosen for rigging large lifts that require the sling’s flexibility to bend around a narrow area.

Super-flex 815
Super-flex 915
Super-flex 915 Nine-Part Wire Rope Sling


Zafer International LLC, Inc. offers many types of socket assemblies including:

110 Spelter Socket
110 Open Spelter Socket
110 Closed Spelter Socket
115 Swaged Socket
115 Open Swaged Socket
Closed Swaged Socket

Different applications require specific socket assemblies. Each one can be used to meet multiple needs.


We offer several types of grommets to get the job done, including 210-strand laid hand splice, closed swaged socket and 270 cable laid hand splice continuous construction or mechanical splice grommets. Our grommets are made up of six strands or a wire rope body wrapped around a core.

210-Strand Laid Hand Splice
Closed Swaged Socket
270 Cable Laid Hand Splice Continuous Construction